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Arizona Retirement Co Retirement Consultants ensure business owners attain the retirement they deserve by utilizing a familiar approach that helps determine the strengths, weaknesses and trajectory of their business. Business owners often hire consultants for the benefit of the company and for business financial planning, but rarely, if ever, to determine if the owner's own retirement will live up to their expectations.
The appropriate reward for long-term success is a stress-free retirement lifestyle for those select individuals. The best way to guarantee one's retirement lifestyle is with the right Executive Bonus Contract (EBC). And of course, the EBC qualifies for Arizona Retirement Co's Modern Retirement Design.
The Executive Bonus Contract occurs when an executive purchases a contract to provide tax-free lifetime income for retirement. The contract is funded by the employer as an IRC § 162 Bonus-plan through nonqualified contributions from the employer and/or executive. While contract loans and withdrawals must be treated as ordinary income, the executive can borrow money from the contract to pay income taxes. The executive can use the contract as a source of retirement income and/or survivorship benefits.
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