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'Practical advice that works'
Arizona Retirement Co Retirement Consultants provide expert, analytical advice to their clients following a proven and refined process. Our Code of Ethics requires our consultants to provide 'practical advice that works', thus at all times providing the client with the best available retirement planning advice available anywhere.
'That's it! That's the one! That's the retirement lifestyle for me!'
Our responsibility to our client as their retirement consultant and retirement planner in Gilbert is taken very seriously. As we have influence over our clients, we have no direct authority to implement changes to their current retirement plans. 'The key is that we do not make the decisions concerning their retirement plan.' The goal is that the client learns and feels confident enough in our process and with the expert retirement consulting and retirement planning advice we give them to become empowered enough to make their own decisions regarding their retirement plan. It's an exciting moment for us, when our clients make important decisions look so simple. That's when we know we've done our job, and done it well.
'Commitment to a long term relationship is mutually beneficial'
The Arizona Retirement Co Retirement Consulting interview begins with a 20-minute video presentation that prepares the prospective client about what to expect from a client-consultant relationship with us. Then the interview turns its attention to the prospective client to help us to understand 'what matters to you' and typically involves a combination of general background questions including your goals and a question or two about your past investing experience. The bottom line: Arizona Retirement Co seeks clients with needs and wants that match the services we offer.
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